The Place

Located at the heart of Chiado, at Siza Vieira Patio, the Mezzogiorno came to light in 2004 from the encounter between two Italians and a Portuguese. In 2008 it expanded the concept and its venue.

An open and informal meeting spot, it is a place to be and meet up, inside or outside, in the firewood oven coziness or in the patio freshness and calmness. Here is the place to eat because it is home to the secular Greek and Latin tradition: the piazza and the patio.


The Food

Mezzogiorno gastronomy takes inspiration from the Italian Mezzogiorno tradition. So we favor the genuine flavor of products and of the Italian gastronomy to the flashy elaborate cuisine.

Our pizza, greatly inspired by the Neapolitan tradition and firewood oven baked, is your host: a pizza Neapolitan style because one does not reinvent originality. oh yes ho yes